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Spray Tan

UV-Free sunless spray tan booth by VersaSpa PRO is simple to use, private, fast, and delivers flawless results every time.

VersaSpa PRO

The VersaSpa PRO has revolutionized the spray tan industry and is the most recognized spray tan systems around. Featuring three spray nozzles, height sensors, automated voice instructions and easy to use intuitive spray tanning positions to achieve the perfect tan every time. Choose from our ULTRA pro clear solution or Malibu bronze solution to feel and look like you just got back from an island vacation.

PRE spray tan check list
  • EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE! 24 hours BEFORE the time of your spray tan. Do not shower after this process before your spray. If you MUST shower RINSE only and do not use soaps.
  • NO deodorants, lotions, makeup, perfumes, or oils of any kind should be applied to your skin 24 hours prior to the time of your spray.
  • Bring loose fitting clothing and appropriate shoes to spray tan appointment. No jewelry, socks, Bras or tight under garments of any kind should be worn after your spray.
POST spray tan check list
  • WAIT 24 HOURS TO SHOWER. Avoid sweating, crying, washing hands, or using hand sanitizers or rain for a full 24 hours after your spray. (If extremely humid stay indoors in cool air, do not enter a very hot car Etc.)
  • First shower will be warm water RINSE ONLY. Do not use soaps, do not rub or scrub. Do not use lotion or moisturizers. RINSE WELL. You want to remove all the excess spray tan from your skin. Leaving excess on your skin will not make you darker and will fade unevenly.
  • Second shower should be at least 12 hours from first rinse. Use spray tan friendly wash. Our Tan Spa employees can help with determining if the products you currently use will be safe for your spray tan. We sell spray tan safe products here as well.
  • MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!! Finding a spray tan friendly lotion is key to the life of your spray tan.
  • Chlorine/ pool water or hot tubs can cause premature and uneven fading of your spray tan results.


  • Fraction of the price
  • Private and discreet for your comfort
  • Easy relaxing experience
  • 3 Spray nozzles for full even coverage
  • No appointment needed
  • Has to be done in front of a technician
  • More costly
  • More likely to have tan lines
VersaSpa Pro
  • $195 BUY 5/GET 5 FREE

*All prices subject to 10% tan tax
*Sessions expire 6 months from purchase date
* All sales final, no refunds or transfers